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Why Param Academy


Our world is changing every second, so as our lives. We really want peace, symbiotic development and a secure future for humanity on this earth.

To achieve all the goodness, we require true value based education, education for all.

To fulfill this social demands we have many institutes, schools, colleges etc but we want to uphold a new approach, a new dimension to the current education system (where everything revolves around the money and benefits).

Param Academy is a platform to educate masses with a class. Providing free access to the quality education and educating the whole world about the importance of our relation with Mother Nature through technology, is our mission.

Our vision is to see the whole world is united to save mother earth and we all must work together to save the nature, so that nature will save us. Education plays a vital role in doing so.

Param Academy is the brain child of our Founder President Mr. Param Dev Singh who is putting his best efforts to upgrade the standard of every human being and establishing a symbiotic relationship with the Mother Nature.

Mr. Param Dev Singh is a true teacher who has a peaceful kind soul, energetic heart and a very innovative mind. He has devoted his life for the social up gradation of weaker sections of our society and very much concern about the balance between the human development and the nature.

He has completed his Hons from Delhi University, M.Sc. in Physics, M.B.A. in sales and marketing, M.Ed. from M.D. university, Rohtak. A great philosopher and strategic planner who knows the way to achieve the difficult target in a set frame of time period.

He started this platform to bring the true responsible teachers and learning minds under a single roof where all of us together can justifies our birth on this beautiful planet.


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